AGM Minutes for 2018

Colchester Trophies Evening Cricket League

AGM held at Wooden Fender Ardleigh 8 February 2018


Minutes of the meeting which commenced at 7.40pm




Minutes of the AGM held on 26 January 2018 were circulated and proposed as a true record by Ardleigh, seconded Chappel & Wakes Colne and agreed by all with no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

Chairman’s opening remarks – Warm welcome to everyone attending – There had been few cancellations during the season until the Cup Finals in the last few weeks, due to the poor weather. The Colchester Trophies Final was rearranged between Chappell & Wakes Colne and Brightlingsea. Chairman’s Trophy finals – Tuesday University played Real Oddies – Wedneday University versus Eight Ash Green was not played so will be rearranged during the 2018 season. Bob advised that DNA networks had withdrawn from the League but fortunately a new team had applied to take their place 16 Med Regt. They will play their home games at The Garrison and as they play in a Maroon kit they have agreed to provide pink balls for their games. If a pink ball is not available the ball to be used will be agreed by the Captains before the game commences. Bob thanked the representatives of the new team.  

Treasurer’s report circulated, the only payment being £43.03 for the Website, leaving a balance of £308.78, proposed by Brightlingsea, seconded University as a true record, no issues raised. Bob did mention that the Website cost this year is £14.38 as the Domain payment is only made every 2 years. The new team paid their registration of £25. It was agreed that once again we do not need to charge any fees to the teams playing in the league this year as our sponsor provides all the Trophies which is the main cost.

Election of Officers – Both existing officers agreed to stand and there were no other nominations, therefore it was proposed by University and seconded by Eight Ash Green that they both be re-elected and passed unanimously.

Sponsorship – Chris advised he was happy to continue sponsoring the League by providing all of the Trophies and everyone once again thanked him for his support.

Proposals for Rule changes – 1. Leg side wides – the rule was changed last year so  that anything down the Leg side would be called wide – this resulted in some games being late to finish due to the number of wides. Therefore it was proposed by Bob and seconded by Brightlingsea that team captains would agree before the start of each game, what constituted a wide. If no agreement could be reached then anything down the leg side would be called wide. Passed unanimously.

2. Last year a new points system was agreed with the total points from games completed being divided by the number of games played to give an average. The team with the highest average, being the winners. However teams must complete a minimum of 5 matches during the season. This was not implemented in 2017 but did not make any difference to League positions as few games were lost to the weather. The new system will be implemented in 2018 but it was proposed by Bob and seconded by Chappell & Wakes Colne that 10 points be awarded for a win and 5 for a tie to make it easier to calculate averages. Passed unanimously.

3. Proposed Chappell & Wakes Colne seconded Ardleigh that bowlers can only bowl a maximum of 3 overs each – passed unanimously.

AOB – Chappell & Wakes Colne asked to change their fixture on 30 May as one of their players is getting married and most of the team will be attending. University who are their opponents agreed to move the game to the end of the season.

Meeting closed at 8.10 being followed by the awards ceremony.



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