Colchester Trophies Evening Cricket League

AGM held at Wooden Fender Ardleigh 28January 2016


Minutes of the meeting which commenced at 7.45pm


Apologies – GH&L SAXONS

Minutes of the AGM held on 26 November 2014 were circulated and agreed with no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

Chairman’s opening remarks – Warm welcome to everyone for attending – Last year we experimented with a Tuesday and Wednesday League purely based on which day teams preferred to play and this went well with just a few issues. The Trophy finals were well contested and went well – Colchester Lions won the Wednesday Chairmans Trophy and DNA Networks the Tuesday, Eight Ash Green won the Colchester Trophies Challenge cup.

Treasurer’s report – proposed Chappel & Wakes Colne and seconded Property Book that the income and expenditure report for the year ended 30 September 2015 be accepted and that once again we do not need to take any annual membership fees, as we have a healthy credit balance – agreed by all present.  Huge thanks once again to Chris for his continued sponsorship of the league.

Election of Officers – Both existing officers agreed to stand and there were no other nominations, therefore it was proposed by West Bergholt and seconded by Colchester Lions that they both be re-elected and passed unanimously.

Structure of Leagues – Bob advised that in 2016 there were currently 5 teams playing on a Tuesday and 7 on Wednesday and asked if a Wednesday team was willing to change but there were no volunteers. There was then a long discussion regarding rearranging games which were called off, as some had been rearranged and others not but there was no obvious solution to this problem, so it was agreed to leave the rules unchanged – Teams will try to rearrange if both can agree a new date, otherwise the team calling off the game will concede the game, unless it is because of the weather when points will be shared.

Sponsorship – Chris advised he was happy to continue sponsoring the League by providing all of the Trophies and everyone once again thanked him for his support.


GH&L Saxons submitted a letter as they were unable to attend the meeting – They are firmly in favour of the Orange ball trialled in 2015, mainly due to visibility in poor light – They are firmly against the use of guest players, believing that a player should play for one club only, if this rule continues in 2016 they would continue their policy of refusing opponents the opportunity to play guests in their side. They have also mentioned a specific incident which occurred on July 8th 2015, Great Bromley played a guest Zac Pushman, who they now know had already played for Ardleigh – they did not receive any request from Gt Bromley before or during the game and only became aware of the situation, on seeing his name on the website playing for Ardleigh in the Chairman’s trophy. They feel a penalty should be imposed on Gt Bromley ahead of the start of the 2016 season. Finally they ask if an email address can be added to the website or the Handbook for each club.

All of these issues were discussed at length:-

Gt Bromley apologised for not seeking permission to play Zac Pushman – They were very short of players on that day, including their Captain. The stand in Captain was unaware that he needed permission from the opposition to play Zac. The meeting decided to accept Gt Bromley’s apology and no further action was felt necessary.

University Staff advised that if they were unable to play guests then it was unlikely they could field a team in 2016, particularly once the students commence their holidays. Many other teams also mentioned that they struggle to field 11 players every week. University Staff therefore proposed that as the two leagues are now totally separate from each other, that any player can play in both leagues if they wish. No player can play for 2 teams in the same league. This was seconded by Property Book and passed unanimously. The only issue the meeting felt this created was the Challenge trophy match at the end of the season, so it was agreed that this will now be by invitation from the Chairman if both University sides won the respective league, who is likely to pick the 2 teams winning the 2 divisions, unless this puts together 2 teams which regularly share players, in which case one of the teams finishing second will be picked.

Cricket Balls – There were issues with the Orange ball as some teams believed it felt heavier and harder and although visibility was good in dull conditions, it was harder to see in bright conditions. Fawad Mortaza who provided the balls, asked if teams can let him have back any where there were specific issues and he will take these up with the manufacturers. He also agreed to see if he could obtain some pink balls to trial. As the Orange balls had been purchased by the league, as a one off and we have no funds to purchase any more, it was agreed that the teams will try and agree which ball to use on the night of a game but if no agreement can be reached, the home side will choose as they provide the ball for the match.     Many teams do not have the funds to purchase new balls for evening league matches and recycle balls used at the weekend.

Bob circulated a sheet asking all teams to add an email address so that he can then add this to the Website and Handbook.


Bob advised that in future years he will present the League Trophies on the same night as the Challenge trophy is played as there will be more players there to receive them.

West Bergholt mentioned that they have a 6 aside tournament on the 9th July and asked anyone interested in entering a team to let them know. Play commences at 10am with the final at about 7pm and each team is guaranteed 4 games.

Meeting closed at 8.30 being followed by the awards ceremony.

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